On this page you will find: 

-How to Adopt-

-Adoption Fees-

-Available Animals we have for adoption- 

How to Adopt


*Please note: Because we are an all-volunteer rescue, meet & greets for all animals are scheduled by appointment, after an adoption application has been submitted and approved.

Submitting an adoption application does not hold you obligated to adopt, or to adopt a particular animal.

Below you will find the button to submit an Adoption Application.

Please be prepared to send us a photo of the setup you have for your new animal, if you have one already. 

Adoption Fees

Varies = Bearded Dragons 

Varies = Snakes 

$30 = Geckos

$80 = Crested Geckos

$40 = Leopard Geckos

$30 = Pac-Man Frogs 

$40 = Rabbits, If fixed $60 (to help us cover the cost)

$100-250 = Chinchillas 

Varies = Other Animals Not Listed Above

Available Animals For Adoption

Stay Tuned if you do not see photos below!